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Played it, very enjoyable. Dark approved. Will check out full version soon

4 gigabytes for a demo that doesnt go anywhere but the first area? went on it, was stuck in the first room you are in. literally doesnt continue after that.

horror game
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I saw nothing in common, except for the assets that I bought, then redid and optimized.

This game was fantastic! I did come across a bug near the end though that made me have to replay the entirety again- but even with doing so, I still was getting jump scared! 

Thank you for the video. I'm going to correct the bug. The full version of the game will be released soon.

I decided to do a "try not to jump" challenge with your game! I failed miserably lol This game had a very creepy atmosphere albeit some goofy parts too lol but overall a very fun horror game! Heres the video I made, hope you check it out! 

thx guys for 100 views pls share and subscribe.

love the demo cant wait for full game great job

very good game that guy that jumped out of the painting scared the fuck out of me


Late to the party here, but it's a really nice demo! Thanks for sharing it with us. I'm looking forward to the final release!

I hate hospitals... and this game only encourages the terror in my heart.  </3  very well done.  I hate it so much.  T_T

Really enjoyable game with the perfect atmosphere for a horror game. That Jumpscare...def got me!  

Thanks for the video and feedback. In the full version I will try to create a more depressing atmosphere.


Good game!

Apart from some of the noises being a little to much and to loud sometimes the game was creepy and I can't wait to play the full release.

Thank you for the video. I will try to fix it in the full version.

When is the full version release?


While working. I hope to make a release in the summer. Follow askgames_studio instagram and twitter @ ASKGAMES1

I will publish interesting moments and information on the release.

Gameplay BR.
Interessante, tem uma atmosfera tensa... e o ultimo susto quase me matou.

Estou feliz por ter gostado. Ótimo vídeo.

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BRUHH! game scared the sh## OUT OF ME !

watch my gameplay pls...I liked the game alot btw and the sound quality is super good actually... lets just hope the full version of the game is gonna be a good ending lol

Glad that you liked my project, regarding the end of the game, I think we will leave this moment a secret)

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Wow. This game is amazing and really scared few moments. THIS NICE GAME. I look forward to the game :)

From 25 minutes.

Magyarországról :)


Thank you, I will try to make the full version better and worse.

LOVED this demo... can't wait for the whole game... Only issue was when I got to the end of the demo & the creature that is suppose to scream & jump out of the picture on the wall never triggered so I couldn't get out of the room to let the demo end. 


Thank you, glad you liked it. As for the fact that you could not get out, I'll try to figure it out, no one else told me that there was such a problem.

Over all a really fun game. It had a solid story with a spooky atmosphere and good jumpscares. There was a lot of back and forth trying to trigger something to progress forward but in the end I really liked the game. The game ran fine and I didn't come across any bugs. I have already recommended this game to some of my youtube friends. Here is a little video I put together for you. Hope you enjoy it enough to subscribed, It helps out my channel so much

Thank you, I'm glad you liked my work. I watched the video, it was very interesting to watch your reaction to what is happening in "Beside Myself" thanks for the emotions received from watching your video.

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ASKGAMES!!!! You Got Me When That Picture jumpscare So Good! lmao Excellent Game to be your fisrt!!


Thanks, there are plans to do a lot better. You made a great video!

Really enjoyed this game. Was absolutely fantastic! The storyline behind it is very good! Liked the idea of having to capture photos of things to reveal memories and find clues, even the fact that the character is being folllowed around makes it just down right creepy!!

Only thing I can recommend changing is the volume of some of the music and sounds or at least having the ability to change the volume yourself. I found that it was a bit too loud in certain areas which was a bit too overpowering.

But other than that it was great little game and I look forward to the release of the full game. Keep up the great work!

Here is my game play down below :)

Thank you, I will take into account the wishes in the full version.

I actually enjoyed this very much. Yes, things about it are common in similar games, but that just comes with the genre. I love the fact that from the very beginning it teases some sinister stalking taking place. 

Great work!

Thank you, what was not enough for you to give a grade of 5? Every opinion is important to me, constructive criticism is welcomed.


This is an ok demo, nothing special.

Video Link:


Thanks for rating, my first project. I'll do the full version better.

i didn't know wtf was happening all the time, but in a bad way


Great game!! Nice graphics and spooky atmosphere, loved the jumpscares too! Waiting for the full game

Thank you, the feedback is invaluable and inspires for even more painstaking work on the full version.

great game !!! i like this game.

Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed the demo.

Very nice demo, I will be excited to see the final product :)

No Commentary Full Playthrough

Thank you! Very nice video.

I really like what I see so far. You did a nice job in creating suspense and the dark atmosphere had me dreading what would happen next. I look forward to playing the full version of this game. Great demo!

Thank you! I will try to do even better.

God, that jump scare at the picture was brutal!

I see that the engine you are using is somewhat limiting in terms of animation and gameplay. A lot of things are a little repetitive, but gets the message across. The game actually turns out quite scary, and I quite like the small puzzle parts of the game. 

I wonder, what if I waste all my pictures before I reach the first cross? Am I just stuck?

In terms of story, I saw a nice start, I would love to see this expanded a lot more in the full release!

I see you use the same template as the game "Siren Head: Resurrection", which you should really try, he managed to use this template in so many creative ways, if you need inspiration that is a great place to look!

Anyway, great experience!



Thank you for your opinion, it is very valuable! I will try to meet expectations!

I've never had a jumpscare get me like that. The buildup was perfect. Normally I'm not a huge fan of this haunted house-esque style of game but you've done this one really well. Puzzles were great and length was perfect. I'm really excited to see a full release someday, I'm totally down to play it!

I ended up running out of film to finish it.

Wow what a game this is going to be.

10/10 bud, I already wish listed it on steam.

I am super excited for the full release.

Those jump scares were the best.

This was a great horror experience! fantastic work!and so spooky, thanks :)

I'm glad I liked it. Thank you.)

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This is easily one of the top 3 most scariest games I've ever played

Thank you for appreciating my work. Great video.

do you intend to bring this demo to the other platforms, Consoles & Mobile?

Great feel overall, just needs a little bit of polishing!


Thank you, I will try to do better in the full version.

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