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i bought game  just now and i cant even play it help please 

Hello, I'll figure it out. Be in touch.

thank you 


i cant play it help

send me your e-mail     can u also send me the controls to open doors and such my kids dad tried the demo but started in office and couldnt leave door handle would just wigggle but coulndt opne it at all


I'm stuck at the part where you have to put the pictures back in the right places. Didn't take any pics that didn't need to be taken, but I run out of film before the last one no matter what. And the door is gone, so I can't go back, and there's no more film anywhere in the room.

I went back to the main menu twice and hit continue, which picked up before that room, but I still run out before I can photograph the last cross.

Спасибо за бесплатную раздачу! Пройду обязательно позже, тем более эта игра есть даже в Steam


i really enjoyed this game, keep up the good work dev's


Very good game mate! Some parts were very unexpected and scared the living soul out of me. GOOD JOB... the story is very heart felt .... well done!! Enough said! The video shows proof of how good this game really is if you don't have the guts to play but have the courage to watch is fine :)


Another amazing game full of jumpscares, adds to the experience.
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To describe this game....Stellar. It is absolutely stellar. Very well done, delivers on the scares while telling a engaging story at the same time. If you are a fan of horror....This game is a must have!   BOTH PARTS NOW READY!

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just want to say guys if your looking for some of the biggest scares you could ever face, on top of that its actually got a really well made story and the graphics are beautiful, if you still are not sold on my review check out my playthrough below im pretty sure after that u will be jumping to buy this!! 

part 1 and part 2 

I love the amount of scares. Love this game and I hope you make more

Thoroughly enjoyed this game; Great setting/atmosphere, SFX are all on point, JUMPSCARES are genuine & not forced,  with the puzzles and game progression being very much a throw back to the classic P.T. style. If you are looking for a quality HORROR GAME that can be completed within 1hr~1.5hrs, then this a game I would HIGHLY recommend.

nice game, Great jump scares. got my heart to 105 <3

It's a solid good horror game. But i would like it to be a bit more unique. 

Hi. Thank you for your opinion, I will try to make my next work even better.

i have this game can i have in steam key ?

I can't seem to open this game at all. It keeps opening in VR Mode even though it dosent have VR Mode:(  i got it from the free keys that were being given on here i think i was the last person to claim the final Free key on here

Hello, do you run the demo version or the full version? Are the drivers for the video up-to-date installed? You are the first person to write about this issue.

Ok, so i when i would open the game, "Steam VR" would automatically try to open for it Even though i didnt even have it In my steam library. what i ended up doing was just closing Steam VR as soon as it would come up and it Works Now! But to answer your question, yes i would run the full version. even though i had a free key i bought the game to see if it would fix my problem. All i did was close down steam vr thru my task manager and its good now. I LOVED THE GAME BTW!!!!!!

Thank you, I am very glad that I liked my work !!!

Pretty good horror, full of screamers and good sound. A full-fledged plot pleases. It was a pleasure!

part 2 ending

That was scary and challenging! 

good game


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loved this game!